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He soon arrived into the dining room, where Kyra was close to finishing up with the dinner table.
 “Alright, everything appears to be in order.”, she muttered under her breath while gathering together several oval shaped ceramic bowls.
 “What's with the third dish?”, he responded, oblivious to the notion of there being a second party guest. “Are we having someone else over tonight?”
 “Yes it's my sister.”, she answered after placing the last bowl onto the rectangular, green clothed covered table. “She should be down here shortly.”
 “You have a sister?” he questioned, wondering to himself how the other Kensley sibling could possibility compare to this oddly compassionate woman.
 “An older one.”, she confirmed. “One whose looked out for me since I was a young little sunflower.”
 “And how is she?”, he asked, unaware that the older sister herself was  leaning over the railing of some nearby stairs, listening in on the conversation.
 “Kyra!”, she screamed out. “By the great divine get away from him!”
Nirahn directs his attention towards the other female and to no one's surprise, is taken aback by what he witnesses.
 “Who are you?”, he inquired towards this unknown woman. She wasn't exactly what you could call a close resemblance to the sun elf, the most obvious example being her dark gray complexion and flowing silver hair that descended further down her backside.
 “I just happen to be her older sister in case you were wondering.”, the moon elf asserted, crossing her arms together while casting a stern glare towards the Draxxus son.
 “Wait, you two are related?”, he impugned, not buying into how these two females whom aren't even the same biological race belong within the same family lineage.
 “As weird as it seems, yes both Nastlia and I are related to one another.”, Kyra admitted as the older sister moves further into the dining room.
 “Color me impressed.”, he remarked as he observes the moon elf's rather curvaceous and ample appearance. ”I must say she's not too bad of a looker herself.”
 “Am I nothing more than an object to your eyes?”, Nastlia insinuated as she closes in on the yugitashi.
 “Well.”, he argued, not intending to cause any degree of offense. ”I normally don't encounter a moon elf with your type of anatomy. Especially those who are less of a slender build and more of the........ How should I put it?”
 “You were about to make a statement about my breasts weren't you?”, she alleged before firing back. “You know how often I get treated with this kind of attention? Far too much to where its becoming quite the bother. There is more to me in regards to my outer frame.”
 “Nastlia, I.......”, he tried to formulate his words before the moon elf quickly interrupts.
 “Typical behavior of the male gender. Its nothing but physical appearance to you wolves.”
 “That wasn't my intention.”, he emphasized, wanting to pacify the now frustrated moon elf. “I was only trying to give out a compliment. I honestly think that you're rather beautiful.”
 “And you need to watch your wagging tongue yugitashi.”, she disputed, swiftly reaching for a butter knife and pointing it towards Nirahn's chest. “Or be prepared to lose it.”
 “Oh give me a damn break”, he implied as he started to press his luck even further. “Its not my fault that you're full of it.”
 “What did you say?”, she questioned, her expression grew further intense as Nirahn then began to retort back, now intent on giving to the moon elf in full, her just desserts.
 “Want me to make it easier for you silk strand? I'm saying its not my fault that you have contempt for yourself given how most women would commit murder for your looks. Maybe in the near future you'll realize just how fortunate you truly are you boot polished tree bat.”
 “Filius Canis!”, the moon elf's eyes lit up with anger, fully erupting into rage as she lunges towards the Draxxus son, hoping to eviscerate the pulsating heart from his mortal vessel. However Nirahn manages to react just in the nick of time by grabbing her arm, preventing the knife, the dull cutting utensil normally used for applying certain condiments from burying into his torso.
The two of them were pitted against each other, the Draxxus son not wanting to engage this fight any further before Kyra rushes over, pulling Nastlia away by her midsection before any potential damage could be done.
 “Kyra, let me go!”, Nastlia screamed while her younger sister tries to hold onto the maddened moon elf.
 “I'm very sorry for my sister.”, Kyra apologized as Nastlia started to slowly calm herself down. “She's going through some rough times with her boyfriend.”
 “Well I suppose that makes the two of us.”, Nirahn acknowledged before he begins to make his exit from the room, not wanting to provoke the older sister any further. “Perhaps I should leave you two alone to discuss matters. I'll be in the living room if you need anything.”


As Nirahn left the room the two Kensley siblings started to argue back and forth with one another, concerning his sudden arrival and what needed to be done with him.
 “What is wrong with you?”, Kyra called out. “Is this the kind of manner you want to display towards our guest?”
 “Guest!?” Nastlia scoffed. “You mean the same guest that just insulted my appearance. I don't recall ever inviting anyone over, especially him of all people.”
 “I couldn't just leave Nirahn stranded.”, Kyra implied. “Not after what's happened to him.”
 “No, of course you couldn't.”, Nastlia asserted, fully aware of her younger sister's obsessive dedication towards helping other people.  
 “You were always the more compassionate one out of the family.”
 “He's lost not only the people closest to him but also his home.”, Kyra emphasized. “So naturally I figured he might need somewhere to stay until he's able to get his life back on track.”
 “Oh that's too bad.”, Nastlia mocked, not feeling any amount of pity for the detestable wyrm. “Maybe he outta look elsewhere instead of here.”
 “That's just it, he just showed up randomly.”, Kyra remarked as she brushes hair off from her shoulders.
 “Where is he from any way?”, Nastlia asked, begging the question of what incestuous pit he crawled out from under.
 “He said that he hails from Lahsuls.”, Kyra informed.
 “You have to be lying?”, Nastlia impugned, shocked by the mentioning of such a place. “Has he lost his marbles? There is no possibility in this day and age that he would have come from that now abandoned city.”
The older sister stares directly at Kyra, noticing the sun elf focusing her vision towards the ground, suggesting that something was not right with this picture.
 “He put you up to this, didn't he?”, she alleged as her younger sister was beginning to tense up. Not believing that she was being entirely honest, Nastlia then sought forth to berate her, demanding that she come clean with the truth.
 “If only I knew from the very start! No doubt he wanted you to fool me with this little sob story to try and win over my gratitude because deep within your very soul you are afraid of invoking his wrath! Afraid that he will cinder the flesh from your bones should you ever expose his true motivations as to why he came to Elmhaven!
For the love of all that's pure little sister, your pursuit of generosity should not be wasted on random strangers, especially when it comes to one who is such a dangerous person!”
 “That is enough!”, Kyra screamed, the moon elf being somewhat surprised by her younger sister's outburst and how she rarely, if ever reacts in this type of manner.
She pauses for several moments to calm herself down before responding further in a more stern manner.
 “He is not a dangerous person and I am not afraid of him. What I saw as I looked towards him praying near the angel statue was someone who has been severely broken down after baring so much turmoil that he has nowhere left to turn. I admit that my generosity can sometimes get the better of me, but I will never deny that it is a part of who I am. There is more to Mr. Draxxus than what you make him out to be and I will see to it that he is back on his legs before the week is finished.”
 “Oh I see where this is going.”, Nastlia sneered. “My sunflower of a little sister does not fear this yugitashi, but instead has rather become smitten by him.”
 “Are you out of your mind?”, Kyra begrudged at the notion of falling for someone who just recently lost his girlfriend.
 “I'm just saying that he's no good for you.”, Nastlia dissuaded. “So he may not be as dangerous as I once perceived, but you certainly don't need to get romantically involved with one whose a drugged out imbecile.”
 “Why are you so hesitant on casting him aside?”, Kyra decried at the utter nonsense that was coming from her older sister's mouth. “He hasn't done anything to deserve your ire.”
 “Because at the end of it all Nirahn is still just another male.”, Nastlia cautioned. “Just another male whose head wasn't in the right place, especially given his other comment to me earlier which had a touch of lustful connotations.”
 “Mr. Draxxus wasn't lusting after you.”, Kyra claimed. “Granted he could have formulated his words better, but he only meant to give out a sincere compliment. There's no need for such overreactions.”
 “Oh give me a break.”, Nastlia retorted before going off on a long winded tirade.
 “I saw the way he looked at me! He may be a yugitashi, but he is no different! He is definitely no different when compared to all the other men I've encountered so far in my life who could never seem to get it into their damn skulls how there was more to me besides being considered a lucky catch on a casual Friday night! So don't you dare
tell me there's no need for any overreactions!”
 “Um, Nastlia.”, Kyra tried to call out as something strange enters into the room. However the older sister continued onward with her rant.
 “Which brings me to another point my little sunflower in regards of how Mr. Draxxus should have better handled himself! If your friend was actually sincere with his comment, by relying from the depths of his heart rather than thinking with what's between his trousers then maybe I would have been a little more.........”, Nastlia was about to conclude her statement as a blue tinted aroma with a bitter sensation runs underneath her nostrils.
 “Well speak of the coiled viper!”, she quipped under her breath. Noticing the expression on Kyra's face they quickly cease with their ongoing bickering before scrambling from out of the dining room.


The two Kensley siblings followed the thick trail of blue vapor, soon tracing its origins into the living room where Nirahn was standing over by the fire place, with a fully lit pipe as he exhaled smoke from the tips of his mouth.
 “Mr. Draxxus!”, Nastlia angrily shouted at the yugitashi for his rude behavior. “Pray tell is the meaning of this?”
 “In case you're not aware, yes I do have a bit of a smoking problem.”, he admits while emptying ashes into the fire.
 “Well could you do it outside?”, she demanded, still displaying some degree of resentment towards the Draxxus son.
 “Respect!”, Kyra whispered harshly as she kicked her sister's leg.
 “Do you seriously believe that I am going to.........”, Nastlia quickly silenced her tongue as she notices a cold glare emanating from Kyra's eyes.
Not wanting to have to endure the wrath of her younger sister, she decided for once to swallow her pride and approaches Nirahn, who was filling his pipe with crimson grass.
 “Mr. Draxxus.”, she calmly called out as she tries to think of the correct words to say. “I understand that you're going through a lot of hardships and I just wanted to say that I am truly sorry for everything that has happened so far.”
 “So Pillows McLargePuffs has decided to make amends, especially after she tried to stab me earlier.”, he mocked as Nastlia tries desperately to contain herself from getting vehement with him. He then directs his attention towards her, pausing to take in a deep breath before firing back.
 “Listen here silk strand, nothing you say can ease me of the pain that I'm going through! My father is dead! Both my brother and sister are dead! I'm stuck in a world completely foreign to my eyes and to make matters worse I wasn't able to save Laznea, the one person that meant so much to me from the scourge hopper menace that decimated Lahsuls! So do the world a favor and leave me alone!”
The Draxxus son turns away from her, settling himself down onto the floor as he begins to conjure up an ember from the palm of his hand.
Nastlia didn't know else she could do to better come to terms with this half-dragon man who was able to summon wisps of flame without the use of magical incantations. She then started to collect her thoughts, mentally strolling for any other options and after a few moments she came to one that, while a little beyond the confines of common sense just might work.
 “Perhaps a song might put you to ease?”, she proposed, resting her hand onto her right shoulder as Nirahn stopped for a brief moment.
 “Wait, what?”, he remarked, catching himself off guard by her out of nowhere response. The ember disappears as he looks over to the moon elf, wondering to himself why she would commit to this of all actions.
 “It's a piece that I've been working on.”, she acknowledged. “I figured it might be of some use given how I'm somewhat of an aspiring songwriter. Please Mr. Draxxus, just give me a chance to try and hopefully correct myself of any previous wrong doings.”
 “Alright, do as you wish.”, he recommended as he summons up another ember to ignite the pipe within his palm. “I suppose my life couldn't get any worse than it already is.”
He looks once more to the dancing fire as Nastlia started to focus her thoughts. She knew the words that she was about to recite would not be to a level of sheer perfection, nor would it be something you could expect from the grandest of opera performers or even a midnight venue. But she knew that she had to try one way or another.
With eyes closed and hands over her chest, the moon elf began to sing out a calm and slow melody, hoping that she could help take some stress off of the wayworn yugitashi.


Come unto me child,
oh burdened one.
Lay upon my arms,
for the night has just begun.
Look into me darling,
and see that you will find.
As I sing to you,
these words to mend your mind.

Cleanse away your saddened tears,
and store away despair.
Push aside your deepest doubts,
you should no longer bear.
Throw away your caustic thoughts,
and rid yourself of blight.
Leave behind your bitterness,
for there is hope in sight.

Come unto me child,
oh burdened one.
Lay upon my arms,
for the night has just begun.
Look into me darling,
and see that you will find.
As I sing to you,
these words to mend your mind.

Lend to me your weary heart,
and store away all sorrow.
The night is very young at hand,
therefore a bright tomorrow.
Put aside your tragedy,
so you must not regret.
Beyond the dark there lies a truth,
a truth you'll not regret.

You must never settle down,
do not give up on your life.
Nor you shouldn't allow temptation,
from causing you more strife.
Cast aside your war torn past,
remove yourself from fright.
Unbind the chains that cause you fear,
and look into heaven's light.
And see within your honest eyes,
the one that you adore.
Will always remain by your side,
forever now....... and forever more.

Come unto me child,
and try to get some rest.
Lay upon my arms,
and ease away distress.
Listen to me darling,
while you try to unwind.
As I sing to you,
these words espoused in kind.
As I sing to you,
.......these words to mend your mind.


As the lyrical piece came to its conclusion, Nirahn felt something tug at his heart strings. He picks himself up, his vision fixated towards the floor as emotions from within started to run wild. Never in his life has he bared witness to such incandescent singing, a quality trait for someone who normally seems to carry a virulent attitude towards others. He simply didn't know how to perceive this moon elf and whether he may have been wrong chastising her earlier.
 “Mr. Draxxus?”, Nastlia called out as she crosses her arms down to her waist. “I understand that it could be better.”
 “Actually that wasn't too bad.”, he answered, wanting to show her some degree of honesty.
 “Do you really think so?”, she asked.
 “Some of the lyrics are a bit on the repetitive side.”, he clarified as he directs his attention towards her. “But if I had to be honest it wasn't so much the words that captivated me but rather the way you handled yourself with that performance. Not to mention that incredible singing voice.”
 “Hold on a second.”, she gasped. “You were impressed by my voice?”
 “Oh I'm sure you've gotten your fair share of praises.”, he alleges as he places the pipe down.
 “Normally that isn't the case.”, she implied. “There aren't many out in the world who place much value in singing talent, at least not around here.”
 “Well perhaps I could consider myself one of the select few.”, he affirmed. “If anything you've certainly managed to help ease me some of the burdens that have troubled me and.........”, Nirahn then pauses to look towards the floor a second time before replying further in an apologetic tone. “I'm sorry for the way I treated you earlier. I've only been here for barely a whole day and already I feel homesick. I'm just not used to, this very type of advanced society where everyone seems to be getting along with one another. It feels rather strange.”
Nastlia could now finally see what her younger sister was getting at concerning this yugitashi. He really did come from a different era, a era that was under constant warfare and major ethical hostility.
Taking everything that has transpired today into consideration she walked over to the Draxxus son and did something that would normally be out of her character, by reaching her arms around his shoulders in a welcoming embrace.
 “Ms. Kensley!”, he replied, somewhat surprised by her now sudden manner of affection. “I don't believe I'm deserving of this.”
 “I wouldn't get used to it Mr. Draxxus.”, she cautioned before letting go of him. “But I can admit that you are a little different from most other men, considering some are lucky if I even shake their hands.”
 “No doubt you've probably had bad experiences?”, he asked, wondering to himself if that may have been the actual reason for her outburst from earlier.
 “Oh goodness I forgot about dinner!”, Kyra shouted, grabbing the attentions of the other two as she immediately dashes out from the living room.
They both look towards one another, with puzzled expressions before steadily breaking down into mild laughter.
 “She's quite the deft grasshopper.”, he quipped.
 “Well Kyra certainly knows how to get around.”, she asserted before letting out a sigh of relief.
 “Either way, at the end of it all she will always be my little sister and nothing will ever take that from us.”
As the two of them concluded their conversation, and the fire now cooling down Nastlia begins to chase right behind her younger sister to help finish setting up the table.
Before Nirahn could follow suit, he stopped himself before coming to a sudden realization. A realization that he was slowly getting used to the company of these two elven women. Two oddly interesting women, whom despite being so radically different from one another in terms of shade complexion still viewed themselves as close family members.
If they're capable of such a connected bond and even willing to go far enough to accept him into their lives then maybe it is about time he learn to accept this new time setting. To finally accept that the old world is forever in the past, where it should stay. Buried with the satisfaction of being nothing more than a distant memory.
The sun rose high upon the afternoon sky carrying a gentle breeze as Nirahn began to awake from what must have been an eternal slumber. Despite feeling somewhat dazed, his vision was slowly returning to full clarity as he picked himself up from the cobblestone surface, stretching out both his arms and legs before realizing that something didn't seem quite right with this whole picture.
No longer was he within the depths of a brume shrouded abyss but rather the scenario present was, oddly pleasant to say the least. At first it would seem like he was suddenly back within the town square. However on further inspection it appears it wasn't within Lahsuls or anywhere even recognizable.
Everything, from the architectural layout to even the lettering on various signs where vastly different, perhaps even more culturally advanced from anything inspired by dragon kind, or rather anywhere for that matter. Same could be said for the multiple onlookers gathering around, exchanging banters towards one another as they were unaccustomed to the prospect of a yugitashi showing up in these parts.
What madness have I stumbled upon this time - he thought to himself as he looked upon the town folk before noticing something else that was off about this scenario. The entire crowd consisted of a mix of humans and various elven folk, whom oddly enough were not tearing out each others throats due to petty racial differences. No they were actually co-existing among one another, a concept that seemed far too foreign to the Draxxus son who comes from an age where barely anyone got along.
Before he could fully manage to grasp what was presented before him, the voice of an elderly human male with a gray beard called out to him in a threatening tone.
 “Listen firebrand, we don't want any trouble. Now I think it is best that you leave out the way you came in.”
 “You're kidding me right?”, Nirahn questioned. “How am I suppose to leave when I just showed up here by complete accident.”
 “Well we don't want anything bad to happen to this town.”, the old man warned. “We've heard everything there is to know about your species and we don't need any of their mischief.”
 “What makes you think I would cause mischief?”, Nirahn begrudged, not believing the utter nonsense that was coming from this meager human when it came to his kind.
 “You're part dragon, aren't you?”, the old man asked.
 “If the frills are any indication then yes I am.”, Nirahn confirmed as the town folk started to become more anxious and concerned over this newcomer.
 “You heard it from his mouth!”, yelled a raven haired sun elf woman from among the crowd. “He admits to being responsible for the recent attacks on Coven's Landing!”
From that moment, despite everything that has happened up to this point, The Draxxus son could not even begin to comprehend the sheer stupidity coming from that ill-gotten harpy.
 “Why would I commit such a vile act?”, he refuted, knowing himself to be innocent to whatever they're talking about. In regards to outer appearances, he still felt that was capable of reasoning with the crowd. Unfortunately it appeared to have suddenly taken a turn for the worse whenever the old man, in a fit of anger grabbed onto the yugitashi's arm and proceeded with the accusation.
 “Because the assailants who committed the atrocity just so happen to have frills themselves. You clearly match the description.”
The town folk began to grow louder with their voices as they now believed the Draxxus son to be a threat among them.
 “Wait, hold on a moment.”, Nirahn argued to the crowd. “I was not involved in any attacks. I barely escaped from Lahsuls after it was overtaken by a scourge hopper invasion.”
 “Did you say Lahsuls?”, the raven haired woman called out as everyone else went silent over the muttering of that place.
 “Yes I did.”, Nirahn affirmed, shocking everyone among the group.
 “There is no way you're from that place.”, the old man alleged as he pulls out a dagger before pointing it towards Nirahn's vulnerable neck. “How do I know that you aren't pulling our legs?”
 “Because for starters he is absolutely correct.”, answered yet another voice, only this one appeared very similar in tone to a certain trickster. The crowd then direct their attention to this mysterious stranger, moving themselves off to the side as a balding halfling, sporting a white goatee and donning a fine red robe with gold lining makes his way toward the Draxxus son.
 “Irvine!?”, Nirahn loudly remarked, surprised that the trickster, this whole time his physical appearance was something one half his height.
 “Citizens of Elmhaven, you need not fear this young man.”, the halfling informed to the town folk. “Despite possessing similar features to the monsters whom have laid siege upon Coven's Landing I can testify to you that Nirahn, son of Demethil Draxxus was nowhere within the vicinity. Actually he was with me this entire time. The lad himself said that he wanted to explore the world as a means of becoming better open minded and I decided to help him out. Give this young yugitashi a fair shot and I can assure you that no misfortune shall come this town's way.”
 “Very well.”, the elderly male replied, who was somehow coerced by the halfling's words. “But pray tell that your young friend doesn't cause any trouble. We will be keeping our eyes open.”
Nirahn sighed in relief as the crowd started to disperse from the town square, heading back to whatever personal affairs that occupied them earlier.
 “How are you holding up kid?”, Irvine answered as he looks up towards the Draxxus son.
 “How did you do that?”, Nirahn asked, wondering to himself how Irvine was able to easily sway the public from delving into violent countermeasures.
 “I did keep my word about getting you out of the city.”, Irvine affirmed.
 “Yeah but did it have to be this place?”, Nirahn commented, still feeling a bit fuzzy from earlier.
 “If its not too much of an ordeal perhaps I might be able to help you out.”, the halfling proposed as he begins to take his leave. Hoping to find the actual reason why he was brought to this place, Nirahn decides to follow behind the halfling as they hurry their way into the streets.


 “Irvine!”, Nirahn called out as he tries to keep up with the surprisingly fast halfling. “Where are you leading me to?”
 “You'll find out soon enough.”, he answered as they continued onward.
The two of them proceed down several blocks, passing along various business estates while occasionally drawing stares from curious citizens. Moments go by before they both come to a closing halt.
“This looks to be the right spot.”, Irvine implied as Nirahn stopped to catch his breath before looking up.
 “A church!”, the Draxxus son remarked with low enthusiasm, not understanding the reason why they're at the town cathedral of all places.
 “Not just any church.”, Irvine acknowledged with excitement. “But the chapel of St. Kithra, patron goddess of maintaining peace among the races.”
The halfling pauses for a few seconds before speaking again, now in a much more opposite tone from before. “Well it used to be.”
 “What do you mean?”, Nirahn asked while wiping sweat from across his brow.
 “You'll find out soon enough.”, Irvine calmly responded.
 “No, Irvine!”, the Draxxus son shouted back, annoyed by the halfling's repetitive token response. “Enough with the mind games, I want to know this very minute. Why did it have to be this place and why must I be surrounded by these damned humans and elves?”
 “You wanna know the actual reason why I brought you here?”, Irvine clarified, finally revealing to the yugitashi the actual reason. “Its because you need to realize that the old world is long gone and with that you must rid yourself of this caustic arrogance you display towards the other races.”
 “In case you're blind but those bastards from earlier were not the most friendliest of people.”, Nirahn argued, not wanting to be anywhere near those questionable town folk.
 “Hence why you must be the stronger individual.”, Irvine suggested as Nirahn turns the opposite direction, pretending to show no interest to the halfling. “Look, just go inside and maybe, just maybe you might find the answers you're looking for. Heck you might even get lucky and find yourself a new friend.”
 “Listen snowball, I don't need to take advice from some halfling. So you can blow it out of your..........”, Nirahn turns around to suddenly find that Irvine was nowhere in sight, almost as if he's vanished completely out of thin air.
 “Oh brilliant! You had to run off.”, the Draxxus son begrudged at how the old deity decided to completely ditch him.
 “Fine! I'll play along.”, he whispered to himself as he approaches the front doors. “Let's see if this church has what I'm looking for.”
He pauses for a brief second to inhale, slowly breathing out as he reaches for the golden door handles, twisting them before stepping inside. The Draxxus son was astonished by the interior decoration of this sacred place, most notably the many floral patterned stone pillars in between stain glass windows, depicting religious characters from throughout the ages that were unknown to him.
He makes his way down a eloquent blue and gold lined carpet to the sound of an all female choir as they were commencing with their hymns. Their voices, which resembled that of heavenly beings resonated throughout the cathedral. He soon arrives at the end of the pathway where a tall, turquoise statue of what appeared to be an angel stood before him.
Nirahn's memories of past events quickly crept back into his inner conscience, reminding him of the many sacrifices of those close to him. His father, his older siblings and especially Laznea. Oh especially her, the one woman who meant so much to him. Not knowing what other options he had at his disposal, the Draxxus son did something not usual of his typical self. He kneels down, directing his vision towards the base of the statue as he closes his eyes and started to pray.

“I know I'm not the most spiritual among the crowd. I also admit that I'm not the kindest of individuals, nor do I deserve pity for some of the actions I've committed throughout my earlier years on this very planet. But I ask, no pray that you bestow mercy on Laznea. Let me believe that she's off in a much better place. Somewhere that she can finally attain inner peace, without the worries of anguish or tragedy. Just do me this one favor, I beg of you.”

A sliver of sadness and personal regret resonated further within Nirahn's conscience. He wanted to believe that his dear love did not die in vain, that she was among the Elysstian gods.
Soon however he hears a voice from behind, a voice that sounded of pure innocence, almost as if Laznea was standing over him.
 “I'm sure the great divine is watching over her.”
Nirahn quickly turned his head, his eyes widened by what, more like whom he encounters.
 “Goodness!”, the Draxxus son shouted softly, nearly startling himself as he observes this person of elvish descent. It wasn't his old companion, but rather a person whom Nirahn had to admit, as much as he didn't want to. That despite growing up to abhor those who didn't fit the aesthetic uniformity of his given species, this woman had a cynosure vibe going in regards of being one among those leaf biters.
Her complexion was fair, her young face adorned with tiny freckles, and she kept her lavish orange hair tied, though it was still long enough to come down to her shoulders. She also wore a fancy silver lined green dress that was featuring a forest inspired design, adding to the overall piece.
 “Is something wrong?”, she asked. “I hope I'm wasn't being a bother?”
 “Your hair. I've never seen a fire keeper before.”, he implied, not being used to the presence of sun elves, especially those of the ginger variety.
 “I think I'll take that as a compliment.”, she remarked at the yugitashi's unusual, but interesting comment.
 “No, no I wasn't trying to criticize.”, he confessed while lifting himself up from the marble floor. “Its just......... So much has happened in such a short period of time, that I'm not sure what to do about it. I've lost my home. I've lost both my older siblings and I've lost the one love whom I sworn to protect. Now I suddenly find myself here of all places and my guide decided to ditch me for reasons I am not sure of.”
 “By the great divine, I'm terribly sorry.”, the sun elf apologized as she extends her right arm. “Please, allow me to help you out.”
 “I don't want to burden you, miss.........”, the Draxxus son replied before he is interrupted by the orange haired woman.
 “Kensley.”, she properly acquainted, resting her hand over her chest. “But please, call me Kyra. That's Kyra with a y.”
 “Kyra Kensley.”, he repeated, being slightly intrigued by the title. “I must say its not a bad name for a sun elf.”
 “So now you must tell me yours.”, she asked, now fully interested by this newcomer into Elmhaven.
 “You may refer to me as Nirahn.” he addressed, bowing down to the young sun elf before rising. “Second son of the Draxxus household, hailing from the city of Lahsuls.”
 “Lahsuls!”, she gasped, herself also surprised by the uttering of that name. “You're from Lahsuls?”
 “You don't believe me, do you?”, he questioned, figuring to himself if everyone here thought he was crazy.
 “Well the city hasn't been around for years.”, she informed. “At least 300 if I had to be accurate.”
 “It's been 300 years!”, he reacted in horror. “Just what year is it?”
 “Its currently the year of 1895.”, she asserted. “Year of the fawn and one that's meant to represent harmony.”
 “Oh great.”, he commented to himself before going off on a tangent.  
 “So not only can I add the deaths of everyone I've ever cared for, but now we can also add time crossing, a now decimated homeland and being stuck in this damned town to the list of how fate decided to screw me over!”
 “I take it you're not fond of this place?”, she asked, unaware of the town's fierce attitude towards the Draxxus son.
 “Not fond of it!”, he decried. “It looks like most of the people here despise me. All because of some incident that I wasn't even aware of.”
 “Well I don't despise you.”, she debated, not seeming bothered by this frill eared character.
 “I don't even know you.”, he derided, wanting to remind her that they just met.
 “Doesn't mean that we can't try to get to know each other better.” she suggested. “Look I understand everything you're going through, as odd as it seems. You seem to be in a very rough spot considering you've held this Laznea girl to such high acclaim that after losing her, along with everyone else you have nowhere in life to turn towards. I'm not sure if that part about you being from Lahsuls is true or not but regardless I feel it necessary to try and help you get back onto your feet.”
 “Why are you being so welcoming towards me?”, he dissuaded, bewildered by the generosity of this forthcoming individual. “How are you not frightened by my appearance?”
 “Because Mr. Draxxus, I have no reason to fear you.”, she admitted while examining Nirahn's draconic appearance. “Plus its not everyday I stumble upon a yugitashi, oh descendant of majestic beings. If anything, I find it rather thrilling.”
Nirahn paused for a few moments to consider what other options he might have. He wasn't expecting much from the town folk, considering their unfriendly attitude towards him and Irvine disappeared for reasons unknown. So far the only other path that's available just happens to come from this one lone female whom doesn't view him as a monster, but rather as a potential friend.
 “I suppose I have no choice.”, he responded as he looks upon Kyra's face. Her eyes lit up while flashing a smile towards him.
 “Brilliant!”, she exclaims before hearing a low grumbling noise coming from the Draxxus son, indicating how he probably hasn't eaten for some time.
 “You wouldn't know of any good hunting spots?”, he asked while placing his right hand over his stomach.
 “Not off the top of my head.”, she claims while placing her fingertip underneath her chin. “But I can prepare something that's more to your liking.”
 “Please tell me that it isn't a salad?”, he somberly quips, uneducated on the dietary mannerisms of her species and whether they actually consume anything meat related.
 “Oh Mr. Draxxus, you have a lot to learn about present day Almhara.”, she mildly giggles as she starts moving towards the opposite direction.
Nirahn thought to himself as he accompanied Kyra while leaving out the main front doors. Despite only just meeting, he was strangely growing fond of this jovial woman. For a pointy eared leaf biter, she was not too bad.


Nirahn and Kyra steadied alongside one another as they make their way through the streets of Elmhaven. The sun was starting to descend over the horizon, indicating that nightfall would come very shortly. They come to a fork in the road before veering towards the farthest left into the residence district, wandering by several houses on both sides as they soon approached the white picketed fences of Kyra's estate, a cozy looking place given outer appearances. The sun elf unhinges the lock from the gate, stepping through as they stroll down a small pathway before showing up on the front door steps.
 “Alright, here we are.”, she called out, opening the front door before both of them step into a narrow hallway that branched several rooms from multiple sides.
 “Whoa!”, he sighed in amazement as he examines his new surroundings.
 “I imagine this must all be new to you.”, she implied while closing the front door.
 “You're not kidding.”, he remarked as he begins to look over a copper device with a floral design hanging next to the door frame.  
 “What exactly is this strange contraption?”
 “That, my curious friend is what we like to refer to as a lamp.”, she informed, watching as Nirahn pulls down on the beaded chain. “As you can see it basically allows for adequate lighting throughout this room.”
 “Man, things have changed around here.”, he commented to himself while continuing to tug at the chain like a curious child.
 “Lot indeed has changed since the late 1500s.”, she emphasized while looking towards the yugitashi. “We live in a much more technological age given the advancement of steam powered technology and modern medicines. Just not even 4 years ago we've managed to discover a natural remedy for calcified skin, which was then turned into a patent for Silver Blossom Tonic. Though it only works if the patient was recently converted as it won't do much after the third day.”
Several seconds pass before Nirahn realizes how much of an idiot he was making himself before ceasing the tomfoolery antics.
 “This is going to take some getting used too.”, he admits before turning back towards the sun elf, her left hand around her mouth as she tried to contain her snickering.
 “That it will.”, she affirmed, smiling as she relaxes her shoulders. “Now, if you excuse me I must make the final preparations for tonight's dinner. Feel free to make yourself at home, though try and take it easy on the furniture.”
Kyra hurries along to the dining room up ahead as Nirahn takes to the room on the right.
The area contained many bookcases that were filled to the brim with various reading material of a panoply degree, among the decorative white cotton furniture that was more than what the Draxxus son was used to seeing. He rummages through the shelves until he stumbles upon one book that caught his attention. He sets down, leaning his back against a wall as he begins to slowly browse through the pages.
He soon found himself lost to the outer world as he was absorbed by the detailed workings of some wandering knight who gets himself into all sorts of wacky misadventures. How this Dirk fellow manages to ward off a hoard of undead boars with a shovel and torch was only scratching the surface, among the turtle pirates, vampiric flying squirrels and singing trees, but Nirahn could not stop reading. As weird and as bizarre everything was throughout he had to admit to himself how unmistakably likable the main protagonist was. An hour goes by as he approaches the half way point of the novel when Kyra calls outs from the other room.
 “Its ready!”
Nirahn folds a crease to mark down the page where Dirk was fixing to take on the drunken skeletal swordsman and his army of gizzards, which are essentially fire breathing blue chickens. He closes the book and places it down onto a nearby desk before leaving the room.
Titans Return Skullsmasher (Skullcruncher) by Zigholtul88
Titans Return Skullsmasher (Skullcruncher)
Testor Model Masters Acrylics Used
- Argent Silver Acrylic
- Black Gloss Acrylic
- Flat Dark Ghost Gray
- Gloss Hot Pink
- Gloss Sherbert
- Gloss Sublime Green
- Gold Metallic Acrylic
- Metallic Copper (mix of orange gloss, gold metallic and silver metallic)
- Orange Gloss Acrylic
- Purple Gloss Acrylic
- Red Gloss Acrylic
- Yellow Gloss Acrylic
- White Gloss Acrylic

Markers Used:
- Sharpie Pen

- Modified the croc legs to allow for better stability and robot mode integration.

Ah the joys of a brand new line, and certainly a major step up from the remold heavy nature that was Combiner Wars. Now granted for the most part it is my fault for even attempting to go retail completionist where the most I could ever hope for in a figure was a different head sculpt and paint scheme. But damn I cannot say no to what is easily some of the best mold detailing I've seen, and Titans Return continues onward with that trend by making every figure so damn nice to look at.
Especially considering we've been getting a ton of Decepticons (thank Primus) and to make things more interesting we're now heading back into obscure territory. Yes folks, this is why to this day I am still collecting. It feels so good to finally get updates to characters that some people (me mostly) sometimes forget were part of the G1 family, and this interior crocodile alligator is no exception. Well at least whenever you fix up the leg joints. Also I still need to finish painting up Waspinator, and about 50 other customs that I couldn't be bothered to complete.
Trials of Elysstia - Pearl Wavestrider Redesign by Zigholtul88
Trials of Elysstia - Pearl Wavestrider Redesign
Unlike the last time I tackled this character, this pic doesn't require a mature filter. At least I hope not.

Edit 10/13/2016: Resized character costume profile to appear more proportionate and readjusted text format.

Trials of Elysstia Project folder:…


Brandon Hoppel
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
An action figure customizer/aspiring novelist who is merely trying to get by in this politically correct aspect of modern day society.
Hello everyone. I'm gonna be going over some of the stuff I have planned out for the near future, whether it Transformers related content or anything concerning my novel. With that out of the way lets being.


When it comes to this hobby I have to comment that I am getting a bit burned out in regards to doing some of these customs and admittedly it is my fault for wanting to go that extra mileage when attempting to be a bit more professional, and because I noticed I've been in the game for at least 5 years now. Not saying that I plan on hanging up the brush anytime soon, but lets just say that trying to find motivation can be rather difficult, especially given how I'd much rather focus on other things that actually require some degree of originality and effort.

"Trials of Elysstia"

After some heavy contemplation I believe I may have finally come up with a title for the 1st book in the series and I'm planning on sticking with it. I'm going to be redoing the first 3 chapters and splitting them into 5 in order to make it easier for the online crowd. As a result I'll also be reworking them to try and fix any mistakes currently present and afterwards I might consider posting the next 5 chapters. Though that'll have to be it if I ever want to release this officially through the public eye, whenever that ever comes to fruition.
  • Listening to: Final Fantasy 6 Dream Oath Project
  • Playing: Dark Souls 3
  • Drinking: orange strawberry banana juice blend

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